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Music at the
Congregational Church

The Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Music Ministry encompasses music of various styles and genres to enhance the worship experience for all who attend worship.  Choirs include the Senior Choir, Youth Choir, Cherub Choir and a 3-octave Handbell Choir, The Village Ringers.  The sanctuary has a 1911, 7-rank Estey Pipe Organ which was refurbished in 1992 by the Potter-Rathbun Organ Company of

Cranston, RI, as well as a Wm. Knabe & Co. Grand Piano. The organ is currently maintained by McNeely Organ Company of Waterford, CT.

Music During Worship
    Music at each Sunday worship service ranges from Baroque to Classical to Gospel and Spirituals, as well as contemporary music. Worship begins with the organ prelude and continues to include rousing hymns from the New Century Hymnal as well as other resources. The service ends with the organ postlude and all are invited to stay and listen to the postlude which concludes the worship service. The Senior Choir sings an anthem each week as well as leading the hymns and psalm responses.  Additional choirs which enhance worship include the Youth Choir (ages 7 through Grade 12); the Cherub Choir (ages 3 and up – singing at Christmas and Easter worship) and the Adult Handbell Choir, The Village Ringers.

    Special services throughout the year also include music by guest musicians who volunteer their time and talent.

    For further information about the Music Ministry, please contact the church office.


Delicate Fabric

The 7-Rank Estey Organ

1911 (Opus 910)  Organ

built by Estey Pipe Organ Company, Brattleboro, VT
   Cost - $920.00

Installed at Chalkstone Ave. Presbyterian Church, Providence, R.I.

1940’s – Organ moved to a church in Staffordville, CT

1961 – Organ purchased by North Stonington Congregational Church
and installed by Potter-Rathbun Organ Company, Cranston, R.I.  

  • Purchase Price -                 $ 600

  • New Power Blower -          $ 300

  • Professional labor -           $ 900

  • Electrical wiring, lumber  $ 150

           TOTAL COST            $1,950

April, 1961 – Organ dedication concert performed by Beatrice Hatton Fisk, first dean and founder of the New London County Chapter of The American Guild of Organists in 1949.  
ev. Edward H. Hayes, Minister

1992 – Complete organ renovation by Potter – Rathbun Organ Co.

       Newly refurbished 1935 Austin Organ Console

  •  Including full organ piston, couplers and stop actions.

  •  Original action – Tubular-Pneumatic

  • Rebuild action – Electro Mechanical

  •  Renovated balcony to 3 levels

       TOTAL COST            $39,932

October 4, 1992 – Organ dedication concert performed by Church Organist and
Director of Music, Michael G. Noonan and his first organ teacher, Dr. Roberta Bitgood, first female national president of The American Guild of Organists and composer of many choral anthems and organ works.      Rev. Newell E. Bishop, Minister

November, 2022 – Front and side gold organ pipes refurbished and repainted
   by McNeely Organ Company, Waterford, CT.     Rev. Susan Latourette, Minister



ESTEY ORGAN COMPANY  Brattleboro, VT – Op. 910 (1911)


McNEELY ORGAN COMPANY (2022 – now servicing organ)  Waterford, CT
2 manuals, 16 stops, 7 ranks
Organ console – Refurbished 1935 Austin Organ Console; Cherry Finish; Modern solid-state circuitry, including full organ pistons, couplers and stop actions.

Manuals: Compass CC to C4,   61 notes
Pedals:    Compass CCC to G,  32 notes
Action:     Electro-Mechanical
Console:  Rebuilt, Detached - All stops and couplers controlled by stop keys

GREAT ORGAN (unenclosed)
Diapason                         8’    (#1-17 façade pipes)                61 pipes
Salicional (Swell)            8’                                                         61 pipes
Stopped Flute  (Swell)   8’                                                         61 pipes
Octave                             4’                                                         61 pipes
Fifteenth                         2’                                                          61 pipes

SWELL ORGAN (expressive)

Salicional                     8’                            61 pipes
Stopped Flute            8’                            61 pipes
Flute Harmonic          4’                            61 pipes
Flute Octave               2’                            12 pipes
Larigot                      1-1/3’                        61 pipes

PEDAL ORGAN (unenclosed)

Bourdon                  16’                            32 pipes
Diapason (Great)      8’                            32 notes
Salicional (Swell)       8’                            32 notes
Bourdon (Swell)        8’                            32 notes
Octave (Great)          4’                            32 notes
Flute (Swell)              4’                            32 notes

Great to Pedal        8’        Swell to Great         16’        Great         4’
                                           Swell to Great           8’
Swell to Pedal        8’        Swell to Great           4’          Swell        4’
Swell to Pedal        4’

Pistons No. 1-2-3-4-5 single memory affecting full organ
General cancel

Balanced Expression Pedal – Swell Organ
Balanced Crescendo Pedal with indicator light

Concave, radiating pedal clavier
Organ bench with music shelf
Motor starter switch

Organ - Center view.jpg
Organ - Left side.jpg
Organ - Right side.jpg
Potter-Rathbun Organ Plaque.png
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